Playful Learning World Tour and Win a Scholarship!

Playful Tour participant - Aug 23rd
Today I am honoured to be a participant in the Playful Learning World Tour. The tour runs for the entire month of August and includes bloggers from all over the globe sharing how their children play and learn in their part of the world.  Here's a bit about us...


Where do you live?
British Columbia, Canada

ocean kayaking

What season is it there now?

penguin in Antarctica

What is your favourite way to play?
~ To build things with Lego.
~ With friends and creative games.

learning to fish

 What do you like most about learning with friends?
~ Because I have someone to talk to.
~ That I'm not alone!  And they're funny. 

baby starfish
Can you tell us something special or different about where you live or games you play?
~ I see the ocean, forests, mountains, boats, clouds, plants, sky, kayaks, airplanes, and books.
~ We live by the ocean, we have tiny fish, crabs, starfish and boats on the water.  We also have a beautiful view of the mountains and the trees and the sky.

The Playful Learning Ecourses and Community:
These are just a few of the Playful Learning Ecourses and we highly recommend them all!  The courses offer more than just a video on the topic, they are so well thought out with printables and activities that connect your family to the entire Playful Learning Community!

Be a Peacemaker: Teach Your Child to Find Peace Inside and OutPlayful Learning Spaces

Free eLesson! The Power of Put-UpsFree eBook
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 Community Gallery
Share photos of your playful learning experiences in the community gallery.

Enter to win a Scholarship for your child!
Because our family has thoroughly enjoyed taking these courses, I am very excited to be able to offer your family an opportunity to win a Playful Learning Ecademy Scholarship!  Leave a comment below and I will draw a name on the last day of the tour -  August 30th, 2013.  Good luck!

And if you haven't already, visit some of the other bloggers on the tour:

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August 23rd: Made By Joey, Canada
August 26th: Growing Up Herbal, USA
August 27th: All Done Monkey, USA
August 28th: Thirteen Red Shoes, Australia
August 29th: The Tiny Twig, USA/Africa
August 30th:  Swoon, USA

Enjoy the trip!
(remember to leave a comment to win a Playful Learning Scholarship! )
~ joey ~


  1. I find it very interesting. Thanks.

  2. This makes me want to live in Canada too!
    I'd love to win the draw, I am just starting to explore this site and so much looking for ideas to become a better parent for my two little girls (3 and 2 y.o.).
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love reading your blog, keep up the great work ;-)

  4. Your blog is really interesting, i discovered it 2 days ago and i'm organizing some activities with my son!!!

  5. Hi, I am following thw Playfull Ecademy Tour. Your place is amazing, thanks for sharing!
    Thanks Mariah for this great experience of connecting people all around the world.


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