holidays and seashell sorting


Today is a holiday called
BC Day or Provincial Day
so we will be spending the day
visiting with family
from out of town.

The other day I was visiting another familiar face - my other blog.
What's that? didn't know that I had another blog?...not to worry, not many do!
I created Creative Themes for Learning and Play just over a year ago to "file" my ideas and our learning experiences.  It (or rather I) fizzled out in October but have meant to get back to it to update my records.  I am slowly tackling the ominous job of making my ideas, notes, photos, etc. more electronic to take up less space in this forever shrinking home of ours!  I will share my updates with you here as I get everything together.

 But today I thought I would share a summer post from Creative Themes that I thought you might enjoy ~ a seashell sorting activity that we did with our collection of seashells.  We used a printable from Playful Learning and sorted our shells by size and type and made some beautiful mandalas...

...not to mention some wonderful memories too!

Hope you enjoy the post...I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Have a wonderful summer day!
~ joey ~

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