more beading...

We have continued with our efforts to use up our large bead stash. (these are just the glass beads...blush)  I think I have finally realized that there is just no point in having all of these craft supplies if I'm always saving them for the "perfect project".  So we are using up these supplies and looking for more project ideas that we can make!  (if you have a bead Pinterest board or any ideas, please let me know!)

My daughter wanted to make a bead mobile of her own.  She used 5 strings of beads in shades of green.  It reminds me of seaweed hanging from the driftwood, perfect for our beach house.

I also made this simple rainbow star decoration.  It may go on the Christmas tree or maybe I'll tie it on to a gift?  Rainbows are always a favourite around here!

And finally I tried gluing beads onto some cards that I made using the kid's artwork.  This project put to use lots of my (hoarded) supplies - beads, artwork, cardstock and paper to make the envelopes!

I tell you, the motto around here right now is reduce, reduce, reduce!  Have you made any bead projects lately?
~ joey ~

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  1. Lovely items! I have been hording craft supplies for the perfect craft as well. We just re-arranged our house and I am finally finding ideas to use them. The bead mobile is still on our list of things to make!

  2. The beads are beautiful! I have a problem with collecting craft supplies...but I think it is totally ok. It means my kids are able to be as creative as they want to be :-) Keeping it organized is another issue though...


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