there's something fishy around here

We had two new friends join our family recently.

It was time to clean out our barrel pond and after losing one of our fishy friends (Peaches) several months ago we decided to add a couple of new friends to the pond.  Here's B refilling the pond.

A had the job of "fishsitting" while the guys prepared the pond.  The new fish Peaches 2 and Oranges have joined Cream and Snout and are getting along very well.

 The plants don't overwinter so we have to add a few plants to give them some protection from the sun and predators.  They grow quickly so it may look a bit funny now, but soon it will be completely covered with green plants.

  The new fish are ravenous eaters which makes our old fish go crazy during feeding time too.  They're more like piranhas than goldfish! It's a lot of fun to watch them swim about throughout the summer when they are most active and the water is less murky.

Do you have any fish tales to share?


  1. I like your pond! Much nicer than a tiny tank:)

  2. We don't have any fish but we do have a pond. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop! We'd love to have you back again tomorrow:


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