garden update

Oh my we've had some garden troubles lately!
After nearly 8 years the deer have finally found our garden.  And an early heatwave has had us rushing around making sure that the pots don't roast in this heat.  Container gardening does have one drawback and that is trying to prevent them from drying out.
The concrete jungle has had to be dismantled
So some rearranging has been done in order to deter the deer and make sure the pots without saucers don't dry out and die.

It's a bit crowded at the front porch now so I'll try and concentrate on the prettier views.
 The perennials are flowering...
Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

Most of the fruits and veggies are doing well.
Triple crown blackberry blossoms

The pole beans are 4-5 feet tall
The sweet peppers have mini peppers now
Many of the tomatoes are flowering
A late zucchini seedling has just been planted at the end of the row
Kale still waiting to be transplanted and soon the swiss chard seedlings will be ready too

Some corners of the garden are getting a little decoration too!
Toadstool and glass pebbles in the chive
A simple mason jar wrapped with wire filled with garden blooms greets our guests at the front door.
And after all of the work and watering is done there is this
lovely spot to sit and relax!
I love summer!


  1. Lovely! I love the mason jar idea!

  2. It has been very hot here too. I love the flowers in the jar. Your perennials are gorgeous ~ best wishes with the veggies. Thanks for sharing your garden with us at the Homeacre Hop! Look forward to having you back again tomorrow:


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