front porch makeover (and a tutorial!)

I am so excited to share this project with you!
For weeks I have felt that our front porch needed a good clean and something to spruce it up for summer.  So as soon as I found a bit of time in my schedule I made it the first project on my to do list.

We were given a little bench years ago that fits perfectly on the front porch and has created a really nice place to sit but I have always felt it needed a cushion.

  So step one was to make a custom cushion form using scrap fabric and the stuffing from a large spare pillow.
A friend gave me this fun bright fabric and I've been saving it to make something for the garden.  A cushion cover was the perfect project.

Next I found some pots in my stash that coordinated with the colours in the fabric and transplanted some flowers from another part of the garden.  They were pretty dry from the heatwave but I think they will recover.  I also added one of our toadstools to the pots.  I loved that all of the supplies for this project were repurposed!

This was better but I didn't feel that it was quite done.  I wanted some more colour higher up on the wall so I decided that a bunting was the best solution. (yah!)

Here's how to make a simple bunting:

  Decide how many "flags" you want on your bunting and cut out twice as many.  Pin the fronts and backs right sides together and sew around the edge.
Turn right side out and press with an iron to flatten each one.

Tip:  to get the points pointy use one of these handy gadgets!

 When you have all of your "flags" ready measure out how long you want the banner to be.  Remember to add extra to the overall length for attaching the banner to your wall.  I have used bias tape but you could also use ribbon.
 To attach bias tape, slip the fabric between the fold and stitch along the top of each "flag" to secure.

 So, what do you think of our bright cheerful front porch now?!


  1. How pretty and colorful it is! Perfect for Summer.


  2. Nicely done. The effect is still full of light, clean and cheerful - but with the color there is a freshness and energy that promises exactly the kind of joy in life that fills your house.

  3. That looks really bright and cheery. nice job! :)

  4. I love your bunting--thanks for sharing!

  5. Your bunting is so pretty! Makes the area look very festive! Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! I hope to see you again today!


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