Growing our own food - planting seeds

I love Spring, it's such an exciting time here on the West Coast!  The days are getting longer, brighter, a bit warmer, slightly dryer and then...
a seed catalogue arrives in our mailbox!  ;o)

Last weekend we started planning our garden by browsing through the seed catalogue and studying this brilliantly laid out planting chart.
(btw:  I would be interested to hear how our chart differs from those of you on the East Coast?)
We eagerly pulled out our box of saved seeds, made a quick trip to the local supply store and we were ready to plant the seeds for the first veggies of the season!

The time is now right to plant kale, lettuce and spinach outdoors and bell peppers indoors.  I will keep our outdoor trays of seeds in our unheated laundry room so that we can monitor the water.  Unexpected heavy rains (which are always a possibility here) can make the seeds rot before they even sprout.
Supplies needed:  seed pots, trays, labels and seeds

I also made this simple stick to measure seed planting depth by writing increments in centimeters and inches along the stick.  The kids looked on each seed packet to see how deep to plant the seed and then measured with the stick.

And here is my son in action planting spinach seeds 1/4" deep.

I also made this printable seed observation record for them to record their observations...

...and on the 6th day we saw the first seeds sprout!

Now on day 11th day we noticed that the kale has continued to be the fastest and strongest sprouter of all the seeds planted.  I have never had much luck in the past with planting lettuce from seed but I'm not giving up yet!

Next to be planted are the tomatoes indoors and the peas outdoors.
Have you started planning or planting your garden yet?
Do share!


  1. I like the seed observation chart. How fun is that! Thanks for stopping by Chocolate Eyes, I'm excited to be planting my tomato seeds! I think I might be able to get away with some lettuce and spinach as well, perhaps keep them in semi-shade here as we get pretty warm during the day. ? We have the opposite problem as you, that is drying out. Happy garden planning! I'll be reading your updates with much interest!


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