Hallowe'en decorating ~ Part 2 ~ The Dollhouse

For the past several years I have wanted to try decorating our smallest dollhouse for Hallowe'en but it never seemed to come together.  This year I finally made it happen and it was SO much fun to create!

I don't like Hallowe'en to be scary so ours is a pretty happy haunted dollhouse!  The graveyard is the spookiest part.

A small wooden box I had made the perfect grave for our plastic skeleton.  Wool roving cobwebs and plastic spiders make it a bit creepy!  I also added a shovel for grave digging, wood block "tombstones", a pile of rocks, a rat, a peg witch, and a marble gazing ball perched on a chess game rook!  The "backdrop" is a watercolour painting that my husband painted in school.  And the tree was our "thankful tree" last week for Thanksgiving! ;o)

The rickety stairs take you up to the front door of the witch's house.  Paper, cloth and wood pumpkins line the way.  A black cat, spiders, spider webs and miniature "vintage" posters on black cardstock welcome the young trick-or-treater dressed as a King.

Upstairs behind the billowing cheesecloth curtains is another witch with a table full of witchy things.  A wine goblet, bottles of potions, books of spells and a crystal ball (a marble on a bolt).  A spider guards her gems that flicker in the candle light by the "vintage" poster.

On your way back outside you'll see the pumpkin patch with a wheelbarrow full of garden veggies too!  We always trick-or-treat with the grandparents so they are waiting at the bottom of the stairs for the grandkids to get their treats from the witch.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.
Happy Hallowe'en planning!

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