Hallowe'en decorating ~ Part 3 ~ The kid's room

When I first thought of writing a post on our Hallowe'en decorating I never dreamed it would turn into
a 3 part series! ha ha!

So here are the last of the photos of the decorating that I have done.  I mentioned before that I have tried to keep it simple and sparse throughout the entire house but most importantly in the kid's bedroom.

Maybe you do this too, but lately I have been trying to not intrude too much into "their space", so I have just added a few things here and there.  I wrapped their Ikea snakes around the bunkbed as I didn't want anything scary in the room but I thought it was fun to highlight the snakes for Hallowe'en.

I like to use their artwork from past years as decorations so I pinned these pumpkins that B made in Kindergarten onto his little corkboards.

More past artwork above A's bed.

I often decorate this shelf above the dresser as the seasonal 'focal point' of the room. (see it here and here) I have used B's wood truck and filled it with wicker pumpkin baskets.(similar ones here)  I bought the trick or treat paper bags before the kids were even born but now they use them each year for trick or treating!  I made the wooden black cat also before we had kids and the sweet little knit pumpkin and ghost ornaments on the corkboards were a gift from a classmate.

Do you decorate your children's room
for the holidays?

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