snow day and tile rummy

Their wishes came true!  A and B were hoping for enough snow to make a snowman and it happened for them last night.  While I was at an early appointment Dad shoveled the driveway to create a pile of snow big enough to roll a snowman.  I bought the "make a snowman kit" (similar kit here or make your own with this tutorial) a couple of years ago but I believe this is the first time we have been able to use it.

"snowy" the snowman

So with the kids home again today with stuffy noses I nipped into my favourite Thrift Store after my appointment and picked up this really fun game to keep us busy!  My MIL introduced us to Tile Rummy (aka:  Rummikub) last year so I've been looking for a game to add to our own ever-growing games cupboard.  It's made by several different companies.  I'd love one of the versions that has wood tile trays, but for now this will do just fine!

The game boxes are often sealed at the Thrift Store so you sometimes take your chances that you will get all the pieces, but for $2 I thought I would risk it.  If the game was incomplete we could always use the tiles for math games.  But, we scored a brand new game!  The box had some minor wear so I never dreamed that the last owners hadn't even opened up the packs of tiles!?  Wahoo!
I highly recommend Tile Rummy for kids about 7+.  The idea is to group your tiles into either a set of at least 3 of the same number or sets of at least 3 consecutive numbers.  You can "steal" tiles from other sets to make up a set of your own as long as you leave a set of 3 tiles on the table.  There are two jokers which can be any number you chose.  The first one to use all his/her pieces wins.

So today looks like it will be filled with quilts, books, games, sweet mama squash soup and admiring Mother Nature's spectacular winter show out the window.
Are you having a cozy day too?!
~ joey ~


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