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Today is a very exciting day for me!

Mariah Bruehl
 Today I start Mariah's Playful Learning Spaces 6 week e-course!
Mariah is such a lovely person and her blog, book and learning experiences pages have been so inspirational to our family.

I am so excited to start creating more inviting spaces in our home for our children to play and learn...honestly how much more fun can you get?
(and there is still time to sign up if you want to join in the fun!)

* * *

The other bit of excitement around here this morning was this....

Yes, I have recently learned that Mother Nature reads my blog!

there is an ocean out there...somewhere?

A word from the wise, never mock her on your blog and think that you'll get away with it.  Last night she had the last laugh as she literally brought our city to a halt with this snowfall.

remember the dusting on Monday?

does anyone know if chocolate mint plants mind snow?
....and tomorrow's forecast......

***   MORE SNOW!   ***

sigh...there was a compost bin there last night?!?

However, in an attempt to see the silver lining of this snow cloud
I am thankful....

~ that the oil man filled up our tank on Monday so that we can run the furnace again

~ that my husband didn't have to risk driving in this to go to work this morning

~ that the school board closed all the schools so that I didn't have to risk driving in this

~ that there's a hot pot of vegetable bean soup on my stove

~ that this weather slows us down and brings us closer together as a family

* * *

Have a wonderful day and stay safe if it's snowing in your area!
* joey *

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