the first snow

The temperatures have finally dipped and we woke up to the first snowfall of the season!

What? that laughing I hear?...seriously, this is honest to goodness real Canadian West Coast snow!
Maybe you can see it better in this photo....? 

Yes it was a wild night.  There must be upwards of a millimetre accumulation in the deep patches!  (that converts to about .039 of an inch)
Now I bet you are impressed.

Well MY kids are!  They are home today with stuffy noses but there are BIG plans flying around here.  Talk of snowball fights and playing in the snow.
"Just a bit more Mama, then we'll be able to build a snowman!"
Oh to have their enthusiasm. 

Actually I did feel a slight rush when I awoke to the gleeful shouts of "It snowed!" and when I peeked out the window I could still see the driveway...unlike in 2008!

I'd better be careful what I say about Mother Nature, in the time it's taken me to write this post the snowfall has picked up and the forecast is predicting that there's more snow on the way!  ;o)

Happy snow day to all of you who are also 
experiencing Mother Nature's winter!
~ joey ~

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