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Lego chess board

This week I am thankful...

~ for my son coming into this world seven years ago tomorrow

 ~ for his love for chess (and Lego!)

~ that the roads are now clear and won't affect our Birthday celebration plans

~ for cold viruses that were quickly fought off

~ that I am able to participate in the Playful Learning Spaces online course (it's so much fun!)

Hope you are having an enjoyable week!
I'm really glad that you stopped by!
~ joey ~   


  1. Happy birthing day, tomorrow, Joey! Seven is a truly magical age! And I'm happy you all made it quickly through the virus.
    xo Jules

  2. happy birthday to your dear boy:) and that lego board looks pretty awesome!! xoxox

  3. Thank you!
    We had a wonderful day, spent with good friends at the ice rink. I'll post some photos soon!
    ~ joey ~


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~