tutorial - flower petal fairies

Here's a really quick little craft that the kids and you can do together to brighten up even the greyest of afternoons!

::  supplies  ::
 You will need:
~ paper covered wire (that flower arrangers use to wrap stems)
~ 2 or 3 silk flowers for the skirt (2" - 3.5" in diameter)
~ 1/2 a silk flower for the wings
~ 1 paper flower
~ 1/2" bead for the head
~ 3/8" bead for the body
~ 1/4" bead for her bottom(!)
~ 1 strand of embroidery floss for hanging
~ paper flower with stem for a wand (optional)
~ wire cutters
~ tacky glue in a dish with a toothpick

**These supplies don't have to be exact, if you have bigger beads that still look in proportion by all means tweek it to fit what you have!  Her bottom can also be the same size as her body**

~ Cut wire into a 6.5" length.  Fold in half and bend the top over slightly.  This holds the head on while you are assembling the rest of the body.

 ~ Slide head and body beads onto wire.

 ~ Slide flower petals upside down for skirt.  This is so the petals curve under.  Again, you can play with this and have the petal stick up or even one going each way.  It's up to you!

~ Slide the bottom bead on.

~ Start to twist the leg wire around like a twist tie while holding the top of the head to stop the whole body from spinning.  You'll need to twist enough times so that the bottom bead cannot slide down the legs.

~  Bend the end of the legs over to make a small foot.  Bend feet upwards.

~ Cut another piece of wire to about 4".  Wrap wire around neck a few times to form arms.  If they seem too long trim them.  Bend wire as you did for the feet to make hands.

~ To hide the bent wire on the top of her head, use a tiny dab of glue to glue the paper flower onto the top of her head.
** You could glue a tiny flower petal on instead or even a bit of roving for hair.  Just be sure to secure the floss hanger underneath first. **

~ With a tiny dab, glue the 1/2 petal (wings) on to her back.

~ Tie floss into a loop and slip under the petals of the paper flower and she's done!

Finished size:  about 3" tall, smaller fairies below are about 2.25" tall

A couple of notes about the supplies:
~ You may be interested to know that some of these supplies (flower petals, floss and wood beads) came from our local Thrift Store!  I pick up bouquets of "silk" flowers and pull them all apart to use in all kinds of play and crafts.  Leaves off the bouquets also make great wings!
~ The other supplies can be found in a Dollar Store in the scrapbooking and floral sections.
~ I was only able to find the floral wire in white (but it does come in brown), so I just dabbed some flesh coloured ink all over the wire with a small sponge.

Here are a few more variations that my daughter and I made!  We made two sizes using different sized beads.

I think it would be fun to make these for each season.  A Christmas fairy would be very nice for the tree, don't you think?!
Have fun and please send me photos if you make one!

Have a great day!
~ joey ~


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! yours is great! we love petal fairies and make them, too! (we're also a waldorf family ;) http://paintcutpaste.com/flower-fairies/ - happy holidays!

  2. These are so sweet, Joey. I'll be linking on WFA's Facebook page :)

  3. i love them they are so cool great idea

  4. I am not a kid but I made a flower fairy too! I was inspired by yours. They are just lovely. I don't know how to send you a picture to share. I did join the magic onions and submitted 2 of my fairy gardens. My blog is named paty.

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  6. I will be making them for my flower table at the church


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