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Being Canadian definitely has its ups and downs when it comes to shopping.  I love that we have so many talented local artists to buy from and that we produce so many of our day to day "necessities" locally!

What I find frustrating is when I'm looking for something specific to use on a creative project.  I go to my computer and am tempted by the pages and pages of colour and pattern choices the US companies offer but the shipping and brokerage fees to get my order over that imaginary line that divides North America is costly!  I hope that maybe one day that will change, so for now I search for new Canadian companies.   

I'm extremely happy to report that I have found a Canadian online store called Greenmunch that is simply fantastic!  The online store opened in June and is run by a husband and wife team in Alberta.

::  photo from Greenmunch website  ::

I have been coveting red baker's twine for the past couple of years, so when this shop came up in my Google search I immediately placed an order.  They carry two brands of twine so I ordered their sample packs to see which one I wouldn't believe how happy it made me to finally be able to touch the threads that I have been dreaming about for so long!  My next order included 2 test packs which includes ALL of the luscious colours!  I tucked one into a friend's Birthday gift and kept one for me to play with! ;o)

The customer service was above and beyond, personal and professional, I felt like my order was important to them and I was not just another number.  The same feeling I get when go down the road and buy local produce from a farmer, this is how I prefer to shop!  They offer very reasonable flat rate shipping to Canada (and the US) and FREE shipping on all orders over $90.... nice!!

::  treat bags with coordinating paper straws  ::

I emailed them to tell them how pleased I was with their service and asked if they minded if I shared their shop with you here.  They were quite happy to oblige and even asked if I would like to review one of their new products.  Of course my creative side replied "most certainly!" so I'm very excited to be coming up with some creative ideas on how to use their new paper straws.  I will share these ideas on a separate post...

For now I'd like to share a few of the other products they sell.  All photos are from Greenmunch's website.

::  kraft polka dot treat bags with lemon devine baker's twine  ::
:: chevron treat bags!  ::
::  paper straws  ::
::  eco twist ribbon  ::
They also carry several lines of eco products.

::  natural biodegradable toothbrushes  ::
::  muslin bags  ::
::  litterless lunches  ::
::  even biodegradable poop bags!  ::
 These are just a few products that caught my eye, they also carry a full range of cleaning supplies, natural clothing and footwear, and skin and body care.

I'm sure you'll find lots of things to add to your Christmas wish list too!
Have a great day!
~ joey ~

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