christmas bedroom

Yesterday while the kids were at school I did a bit of Christmas decorating in their room.  They loved it!  Even with several toys being boxed up and stored in the basement they played happily all evening long with the few new Christmas additions!
I had hoped to get them red flannel duvet covers this year but I haven't been able to find any!  Hard to believe this time of year!?
 I've kept it a very simple and clean decorating style, I wanted them to feel relaxed not overstimulated!
I pulled out the Christmas linens for the play kitchen and on the doll's bed.  We plan on making tiny ornaments to add to the small tree on top of the kitchen throughout the season.  I've tried to leave more spaces bare around our home for holiday creating.  We often end up not having room to display this year's projects if I put all of our decorations out now.
And it looks like we're ready for Santa too!

Have you been making creative holiday corners in your home?
~ joey ~


  1. what beautiful decorations and so very inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!! I esp love the bunk beds and the christmas colored star you created:)
    This room is certainly proof that less really is more!

  2. ps-- I would love to see a pic of that nativity stable...our figures arrived today and they are much bigger than I though! Could you send me a pic? I will totally pay shipping if its not something outrageous:)
    pps- are we facebook friends yet???

  3. I love this idea! It looks great. My kids would love this too- and don't you love how packing things up and moving things around always leads to more play?


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