waldorf christmas fair 2011

::  hallway display  ::
After blogging about our past Waldorf Christmas Fair visits here, I was so excited to share this year's experience.  It was so magical! 

Last Saturday we woke to a very brisk morning of frost and could see that the higher elevations around us had a light dusting of snow!   Rather than risking icy road conditions we took the ferry to bypass the mountain drive.  Here are a few photos of the inlet...
::  leaving the misty inlet, standing on the car deck of the ferry  ::
::  a light dusting of snow  ::
:: I grew up in this little community across the bay from where we live now ::

::  around the corner and down the arm  ::

Upon arriving at the School we bought our tickets and headed straight for the silk scarf painting!  I have wanted to try this for years and this year my daughter was right in there with me!
::  getting started  ::

::  A's scarf sprinkled with salt  ::
::  I was so eager to try a rainbow pattern!  ::
The kids also dipped a beeswax candle.  The room is hard to photograph as it is unlit but I tried to capture some of the beautifully decorated table that they slowly walked around to each dipping pot.

::  I think I'm going to make some of these little houses!  ::
::  B dipping his candle into the pot of beeswax  ::
B also wanted to make a centre piece for our table,  He had so many lovely natural materials to choose from!

::  some of the centre pieces waiting to dry  ::
A decided that she wanted to make bath salts.  She chose to scent hers with a blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils.  She also added flower petals.  They wrapped them in a circle of cloth and tied them with yarn.  There were pretty watercolour cards to write on if you were making it as a gift.

Nestled in the corner of the room was this beautiful display!
::  isn't it gorgeous?!  ::
 The blow a boat venue was truly magical!  We entered a small area that was enclosed by blue sheets.  It was dark inside, lit only by tiny twinkle lights and the candles in the walnut boats.  The children crouched down alongside the shore of the pond and gently blew their boat across the pond (without blowing out the candle!)  On the bottom of the pond were shells and crystals.  Moss lined the perimeter of the pond and was decorated with wood and other natural materials. Gentle music played softly in the background.  We all left the room feeling so relaxed!

The kids also went through the "cookie cavern" which was a tunnel formed out of sheets and decorated with cookies hung on yarn pinned to the walls and ceiling of the tunnel.

And the "enchanted garden" was very spectacular but sadly I couldn't photograph it either.  Again a tunnel was created but with tables set up in the centre to form a pathway to walk around.  On the tables were the most fabulous displays of gnomes, plants, crystals and other goodies celebrating the seasons.  So much inspiration for the nature table!  Each child could pick out a carved wood gnome to take home.

We didn't have a chance to do all of the activities but we did try and peak inside each classroom!  There was wreath making, clay sculpture, soapstone carving, a music room and several food venues.
::  wreath making room  ::
::  music room  ::
Some of the classrooms were set up with the beautiful chalkboard drawings and examples of the children's school work.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, if you have attended a fair and blogged about it, please link up, I would love to see it!

Happy Holiday Season!
~ joey ~


  1. WOW--- such beautiful activities and decor!!!
    xoxoxox so glad to have seen these photos!

  2. So beautiful and inspiring! It looks like so much fun to be there.


  3. So so magical! I really wish there were more Waldorf love around here. Hoping you and your lovely family are enjoying the season.

  4. How about next year you all come with us, wouldn't that be fun?! :o)
    ~ joey ~

  5. Ya, I think we need to join you next year! I think that much needed trip down south will need to be planned to coincide with this amazing faire- we could do some crafting together!


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