wee witches - tutorial

I made my first wee witch last year during a time when I was making a lot of peg gnomes for my kids.  One day I looked at the gnome hat and thought if I add a brim I'll have a witch's hat....and so she was born!

Here's what you need to make one yourself!
~ black felt (I have used wool felt)
~ wood peg body - 2.25" tall (you can buy them here)
~ grey roving
~ black embroidery floss
~ silver embroidery floss
~ quick drying white glue (like Tombow)
~ black paint
~ white chalk, embroidery needle, scissors and paint brush

Print pattern, cut out pieces and trace onto black felt with white chalk.

Cut out pieces.

Wrap the rectangular piece (top left in photo) around the peg body and stitch together with black embroidery floss.  I've used a blanket stitch.

Fold the triangular piece in half and stitch together with black thread
(again I've used a blanket stitch)

Stick your finger into the hat to make it more cone shaped.


Cut a small X in the centre of the circular piece.

Place cone on top of felt circle and stitch with black floss to form the witch's hat.
I used a running stitch for this.

Cover the top of the witch's head with glue, place the roving and glue down hat being sure to angle the point towards the back of her head.


Blanket stitch with silver floss around the edge of the cape as shown.

Wrap cape around witch and stitch together at neck with black floss.

Using the handle end of the paint brush dab 2 eyes onto the face.
*I personally like to leave the face as neutral as possible so that the kids can make her happy, sad, surprised, etc. depending on what they are playing.

She's done!  Enjoy!

She's such a quick little project and I think so sweet!
Just a few materials are needed and it's so forgiving...black felt with black stitches hides everything! ;o) so it's suitable for every crafter of all ages.

For those of you that decide to make a wee witch I would love to see a photo of your creations!!
What I love the most about tutorials is seeing how each person puts a little bit of themselves into their project!  Using different materials (ie:  colour of floss, felted wool, etc.) and different facial expressions (or lack of) can totally change the personality of your project!
Hope you give her a try!
~ joey ~


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment on the post about the Usborne book. Just so you know, that giveaway was in 2009 and I am not participating in the Blogtoberfest again this year.

    Thanks for checking it out though!


  2. Tricia - Do you think you can still have baby brain when your youngest is almost seven?!?! ;o)

  3. OMG I can't stand it these are so cute. I wish i had time to make one or two ot ten right this minute! got it bookmarked and pinned! Definitely for next year!

    Thank you. Gave me a great big smile!

  4. Hi Pam!
    I bet you'll be amazed how quickly you can make up a few! :O)
    ~ joey ~


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