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For as long as I can remember I've been making homemade cards.  My Mom would always keep the cards that I made in a box and every so often I'd pull them out and have a good laugh at all my spelling mistakes and wobbly drawings!  My parents referred to them as "Joey Originals".

As an adult I continued to make my own cards, partly due to the cost of store bought cards but also because it allowed me to steal a few minutes (or an hour!) of creative time!  The last time I counted I discovered that I make about 80 cards per year!  (Add up the number of cards you give per year, you'll be shocked too!)

What I love the most about handmaking cards for our family and friends is the creative challenge to make a card that suits them, and not just make a card that I like!  The card below perfectly suited my Dad's sense of humour!

When I look over this group of cards I can remember who each card was made for, what the occasion was and how it was perfect for them at the time.   And thankfully some recipients are drawn to similar things that I like in a card - natural materials, meaningful messages, something different about it that says handmade.

Others (like the kids) love bright colours, humorous cards, or to see their name or age on the front of the card.

When someone offers me some of their materials, I like to make a little card of thanks so that they can see how I use the materials and how much I appreciate their generosity.  You may also find that when people discover that you make your own cards, they offer you their extra papers or envelopes when they clean out their cupboards.  This was the case with the card below.

Sometimes the card co-ordinates with the gift that we gave along with it.

There are so many reasons to try card making...
* they are quick to make
* you can try out new methods and techniques that you've seen
* you can repurpose materials (junk mail, cardboard, embellishments off other items, fabrics and yarns, thin metals, clear plastic windows, photographs, that pile of school paintings(!), etc.)
* you can use natural materials (sticks, shells, sand, leaves, seeds, pressed flowers, grains, bark, beeswax, natural dyes)
* it can branch into other creative projects like making your own envelopes (which I'll do another post on), making your own papers, watercolour painting, photography, etc.
* you can easily incorporate other craft techniques (knitting, beading, quilling, painting, stamping or embossing, embroidery, quilting, etc.)  
* you can do it with your children or as a family. 

 and finally....
* a collection of homemade cards or a cardmaking kit makes a wonderful gift!

When my children see me being creative they immediately want to get involved or copy what I am doing.  Creativity relaxes, re-centers and re-focuses my spirit.  I think that it is SO important for children to see their parents doing things that instills joy and balance to their lives! 

I hope that I have given you some ideas and inspiration to make that next card a little more personal for that very special person!  You never know who else you may inspire and it's like including a little bit of you in the envelope! ;o)
~ joey ~



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