thanksgiving weekend (a bit belated)

During this past glorious Thanksgiving weekend we took Granny for a stroll along a nearby path that runs along the shore in front of a housing complex.  Part of it is man-made with bridges and cement pathways but we were busy enjoying the feel of the warm sun on our skin as we watched the maple leaves float by!

::  floating leaves  ::

::  Admiring the tree's reflections  ::

::  off on an adventure  ::

::  he loves to make his mama's heart jump!  ::

::  ....and then makes it swell as he sits quietly reflecting  ::

::  so peaceful  ::

(For those of you who know us, I bet you didn't expect to see a turkey on our table!  tee hee!)

The kid's decided that our turkey was very happy that he was invited to a vegetarian's Thanksgiving dinner but of course he was too stuffed to eat anything!
groan...I know we all have a very odd sense of humour around here!

So in our house our family tradition is to write out what we are thankful for, set a very simple table and eat as many locally grown seasonal foods as possible!  This weekend usually marks the last opportunity to enjoy local corn on the cob but thankfully we are still able to enjoy potatoes, squash, onions, green beans, broccoli and salad greens!

And this should be where I insert a photo of the grand feast but I completely forgot to take any more sorry! :o)

So I will leave you with a photo taken the other day that made us all rush outside to see
and reminded us all again how thankful we are to live on such an beautiful planet!
~ joey ~


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