kids art week with Carla Sonheim: day 3 and 4

I have two art projects from Carla Sonheim's Kids Art Week
online lessons to share today!
Yesterday's class was a collage
Chagall Merry-Go-Round. 
I have to say that all of the week's lessons have pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Paper is one of my favourite materials
to work with but I don't do collage.
This was one of the reasons I wanted to take these lessons!
I followed Carla's steps using the different materials (crayon, paper, glue, felt pens) and because we were creating an interpretation of Chagall's work there were no expectations nor did it have to look perfect or even make sense!?!
(oh ya, totally out of my comfort zone!!)

PS. The horse shape is a nod to my husband who claims the only thing that he can draw is this "smiley horse"! ;o)

Today's lesson was even more out of my comfort zone:
Picasso Cats!

 I have to admit that I don't really 'get' Picasso's work
but this was a fun exercise!

Again we followed steps
(draw a small eye, rotate paper a quarter turn, draw a large eye, rotate, etc).
When it came time to paint I had no idea what to do but it miraculously came together!

I think he looks like he was hit by a car and went splat on the windshield,
but that's ok!

You can watch all of the free online lessons by signing up here.

Thanks for taking a look,
~ joey ~


  1. These two pieces are so cool. I like them both, but I adore that little splat-cat, lol. The collage piece is right up my alley, I love doing collage. It's so great that you and your kids are doing these together. Wonderful way to spend the summer, for sure!!


  2. Joey, you gave Picasso a run for his money. All that is missing is P's sig and you can have it auctioned off at Sotheby's. Wanna bet?


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