joey's weekly tangle challenge #176

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Welcome guest blogger
Trudi Taylor . . .

I was so pleased when Joey asked me
to guest host this challenge so she could have a summer break.
My mind started going immediately and the next day
this is what I came up with. 

I've been working a lot trying to get depth and
shadowing in to my Tangles and I thought
maybe some of you would enjoy doing that too.
(I KNOW some of you already do a great job
and would love to see what you do with this.)

First I have a variation of Tropicana for you to start with:

Draw it in pencil so you can decide
which ones you want to go over and under,
also at this stage
is when I put in the next layer of Tangles down in pencil
to have some of those going over and under as well.

I hope you enjoy this challenge
and I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Thank you Joey for allowing me this opportunity.

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  1. I put up a second stage so you'd have a better idea of what I'm talking about.

  2. You cheated, Trudi, you turned your tile 90 degrees. Now I have to start OLLLLL over again!!

    1. Ha ha! I think it looks great turned 90 degrees, think I will try it like that. Thanks Trudi!

    2. Ok there is another one and I turned it back Susie! (Didn't anyone tell her there isn't supposed to be a up or down in zentangle?????)

    3. Gosh! I have been working the last 2 days, 10 hours, 20 min and 46 seconds on the second version and now you tell me my first version would have been OK. [Susie back to version one because version two looks exactly like Michele's! Odd you think??? I insist that is a case of great minds think alike and don't you think anything else!!!]😛

  3. I turned mine too!! Thanks for the fun challenge Trudi!

  4. Thank you Trudi for a very special challenge. I have found an uncomplicated solution to fill the tile and it was very relaxing to draw.

  5. A very nice challenge. Maybe I will try another version. Thank you, Trudi!

    1. Joey thank you so much for the opportunity to give a challenge, it makes me appreciate so much more the work you do each week for us!

      Love your tile the blue background really accentuates the foreground and makes the tile much more 3D. I see the fires on TV each night and hope they are able to get them under control soon. All that smoke is terrible 🙁

      Susie your tile just blew my mind so much more than I was expecting!

      Thank you everyone for participating! If I didn't reply to you personally it was because my replies on Google are not always going through and I have lost so many of them this is my third attempt at posting this.


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