joey's weekly tangle challenge #174

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Welcome guest blogger
Susie Ng . . .

Hello Joey tangler followers,
My name is Susie Ng and this week
I am the lucky one to be
Joey's Guest "Finish My Tile" challenger.

Joey has given me personally tons of fun (headaches too!)

during this year's alphabet letter challenge
and when she asked me to be a guest challenger
to give her some time off
I was happy to have been given an opportunity
to thank her for all she has been – and still does – for us.

I am well aware you all will miss her
and her personal touch she gives to her FMT challenges,
but I hope you will visit her page
and participate at her challenges every week
during the month of July to let her know
you are all still here
when she is back at the helm again. 

For this week's FMT challenge I chose the tangle 

a tangle by Suzanne McNeill, and a simple string.
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  1. Sorry, everybody, something went wrong with my images (on my side) so I posted clearer versions on my website. Hope this is not inconveniencing anybody. Click on the image above or here.
    Sorry, Joey, too.

  2. It is allright Susie, on your website it is very clear and I'm gonna do my best do deliver a nice tile. Thank you for this challenge. It is the first time, I'm gonna use Asian fans, it's always fun to use new tangles!

    1. Well, Ria. I thank you for the early warning. I am so sorry that people have to turn around so many corners just to get to a challenge.

  3. Susie, I have copied the image from your blog to try and increase the clarity, I hope this makes it easier for everyone to see!? Sorry everyone!
    ~ joey ~

    1. And I apologize for the weird spacing issues, Blogger did not appreciate an early morning edit and I felt it may do more harm than good to try and fix it! ;o)

    2. Thank you so much, Joey, you are a darling!!! And sorry for loading you with extra work when you are already burdened to the teeth.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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~ joey ~