joey's weekly tangle challenge #173

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Welcome guest blogger:
Michele Wynne 

Greetings Tangle Peeps,
Michele here from
Coffee & Creativity 
bringing you today's challenge.
Many thanks to Joey for inviting me. 

Today's challenge is two-fold:
First, I'd like to introduce, or for some this may be a re-visit of,
Margaret Bremner's Rope String.
This is mine on a tile, but use whatever you want,
ATC, Bijou or in your sketchbook.

​The link shows Margaret's steps for
creating variations so you can have as many
or few sections as desired.
She also shows a range of ways to use it.

Part Deux: Keep It Simple:
Patterns? Your choice, but tap into the wonderful resource that is you,

disconnect from all distraction (i.e. internet...)
and use what you know.
 One art school tip: Contrast Equals Interest.

Go to your favorite place to draw,
maybe listen to some music or a book on tape
and enjoy "The Elegance of Limitation".
I encourage you to stick to white or toned paper
with one pen and a pencil,
but do whatever pleases you.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your results.
I'll post mine soon;-)

Happy Tangling!
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  1. Thank you Michele for a lovely challenge. I knew this rope string but I have never made a tile, based on this kind of string. So this was my first time and I enjoyed it very much.
    I have found Kitty on Elatorium and I hope you like it.
    Have a nice week and keep on tangling,
    Kind regards from Belgium

    1. Thank you Ria! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love "Kitty"😍

  2. Thank´s Michele for the rope-challenge! I have tangled in a rope once before so I couldn´t resist trying it again. As I also wanted to explore more about tangling in a round I tried this in a round. I maybe failed in keeping it simple but I had a lot of fun! :)

    1. Thank you Anita! I love the rope string on the round. The string is so versatile ❤


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