tangle pattern storage

One of the reasons I have this blog is to share ideas that may inspire others.  Over the years I have tried a few different methods of storing my tangle patterns as my needs changed.

The first method I tried was these printable sheets by tanglepatterns.com.  I chose to print the 8.5"x11" size and store them in a binder using alphabet divider tabs.   Very tidy!

I soon found that I was using up a lot of space and paper and ink to print the large sheet for each tangle so I adapted Michele's bijou tile method and used an ATC. storing each tangle in a pocket of a sports card sleeve.  Again using the binder and filing alphabetically.  Less space, still tidy!!

I really like this method when I am working at home but when I want to take my sketchbook with me to my son's soccer games the binder is too large to lug around with me.  I then found that I needed a smaller 'travel size' collection of my patterns.

And so a Moleskine book gifted to me from my (oh so clever!!) kids became the obvious solution for my current needs.  

I am still in the process of adding all of the tangle patterns to my new book but I find it is great practice.  I can fit 6/pg and it's about the same size as my sketchbook!  Love it!

But you know the funniest part of this several year evolving journey?  This morning when I was searching the tanglepatterns.com page for the printable, I came across this page where Linda describes EXACTLY what I am doing now with a moleskine book!
I laughed when I saw it, sometimes the journey can end up as tangled as some of these tangles!

Have a great day, and feel free to share your methods of tangle storage in the comments below.  My journey may not be over yet! ;o)
~ joey ~ 

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