inside my sketchbook

After a very L O N G "drawing dry spell" I actually found a few pages in my sketchbook with something on them (yah!) so just for fun,
let's have a "inside my sketchbook link up"!

One evening I grabbed my sketchbook determined to get my drawing mojo going again so that I could start on my weekly tangle challenges.
But somehow this came out of my pen rather than one of the challenges...
...oh well back to the drawing board! tee hee! 

 I also drew this to go along with my weekly tangle challenges which I did eventually finish.  For those that don't follow my challenges, the past 4 weeks have included a collection of music inspired challenges.  See my completed collection here.

I glue images (from Pinterest) into my sketchbook of things that I want to practice drawing.  This little guy was a good example of shading when the light source is in the top right corner.  Here is the link to this tutorial on how to shade.

To be technically correct I suppose this is "inside and around my sketchbook".
After covering a cardboard box with kraft paper I had some small scraps so never wanting to waste paper, I punch a pile of hearts.  I drew on one, any ideas on what to do with the others?

Thanks for stopping by,
join in by linking up your artwork and other challenges!
~ joey ~

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  1. This is a treat to be shown inside your sketchbook. I love the Music one, it looks great on your page to remind you in the future of this idea. I love the hearts all curled up and scattered about. They would look good scattered on the table cloth at valentines or glued to the top of a box in a pile. Great post

  2. Print out some family pictures and punch them out into heart shapes then glue them on the craft paper and make a hanging photo mobile. Or make a flower with heart petals. Great gifts for Valentines. :)

  3. What a fun post! I like the picture of the hearts--crop it and use it as a photo on a card?

  4. Thanks for letting us have a look in your sketchbook! Nice work and cute hearts :-)

  5. Beautiful what you show in your sketchbook! In my kitchen I've a heart on which I wrote "Carpe diem", everytime when I look at I get quiet. Greetings Esther

  6. I can't see how big your little cutout hearts are, but if on the small-er side you could draw a big heart on a piece of paper, glue your little cutouts randomly on it, at times overlapping a few times to give it dimension, line out and shade the edges and then start tangle the visible parts of the cutout hearts leaving some blank and some uni-colored.


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~