a musical collection of challenges

I did not intend to post all of my musical challenges in one post but some of you may have noticed my absence from my challenges for quite some time.  At first I blamed Christmas and the holidays, then starting a new part time job, then my son's Birthday.....and then I realized I've been coming up with way too many excuses!

So shortly after reading the Diva's post I made a conscience effort to skip the big plans and just draw.  Nothing fancy, no special papers, pens or coloured pencils, I just picked up the pen and drew without a plan.  And I felt so much better!  Are these challenges masterpieces?  Nah!  But that wasn't the point, I enjoyed not having any expectations of the end result.

Oh and to answer the music questions in the challenges:  all of these were drawn with CBC radio on in the background.  I can't stand commercials and CBC is commercial free!  I tangle during the classical programs during the day or jazz programs at night.
And because my musician husband gently told me years ago that I'm not even close to being in tune, I never hum!  ha ha!
That's ok I draw better than he does! ;o)

 week 94 - flat String, tangle: Retro 
week 95 - sharp String, tangle:  Knightsbridge
week 96 - natural String, tangle:  Chillon
week 97 - String 121, tangle:  Pais

And to celebrate my return to drawing, on Friday there will be an "Inside my Sketchbook link up"!  It's been so long since the last one so I hope that you will come back and share your sketches, other tangle challenges or whatever else you have drawn!

Have a great week,
~ joey ~


  1. I love your Knightsbridge and Pais tile. As always, thank you so much for hosting these weekly challenges.

  2. I agree, it is wonderful that you find time to host these challenges when you are busy. I love your tiles, they are beautifully drawn. OK they might not be organic ZIA masterpieces but they are definitely proper Zentangle® Tile Masterpieces. I agree with you about commercials on music radio, another reason why I don't have the radio on too - too much rabbiting in between the music, especially here in Ireland with all the Irish Blaney :-)

  3. I also agree - Lovely Knightbridge and Pais tiles and a much thank you for your challenges. I enjoy it very much.

  4. I think the Knightsbridge is my favorite, too! So dramatic! Thank you for always treating us with a challenge. The questions and answers about listening to music while we draw were really fascinating! I'm glad you are back in the saddle. Yes, it's all about just picking up that pen and tangling, isn't it! Feels so good!

  5. What a lovely collection! I wish I'd thought about this one more to get more cohesion to my set. I feel inspired now to go back and do mine on tiles. Thank you for all you do here. Your challenges have inspired my work in ways I've never imagined;-)

  6. Dear Joey, your musical collection is beautiful and inspiring!! I love all your tiles, week 96 is very fascinating! Maybe I'll do these musicals later on. After a break I'm also back to tangle and I'll participate at your challenges. Greetings Esther


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~