Vano challenge #50

This tangle is super fun!  I like that it allows the option of being a perfectionist by using a compass and ruler or simply winging it freehand.

I did this first thing in the morning which is not my most creative time of day so the mathematical approach worked best.
Do you find that you work best before or after lunch?
Or maybe evening is your creative time? 
I had some cut paper circles on hand so I tried Vano on a circle first,
I'll try it on a square tile as well.
Oh! and I made another cool discovery -  Goldenrod Prismacolor pencil looks like cork when coloured lightly, very neat!  I think it gives a dart board kind of look.

So lots of cool discoveries with this one tangle.  I'm happy! ;o)
I hope that you made some cool discoveries too!
~ joey ~

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