inside my sketch book . . .

Welcome I have something new for you today!!!

I have decided to start a Friday "inside my sketch book" weekly post
and I'm inviting you to join in!

I enjoy seeing what others draw outside of my weekly challenge.
Sketch books are great because they are more casual and spontaneous than predetermined drawings.  There's no pressure, some things work, some don't, but even the "flops" can offer inspiration or a creative discovery!  

There are no rules or style limitations, whatever it is you draw, sketch or tangle is fine.
If you decide to make a cut and paste sketch book 
we'd love to follow what you put in it.
You can even share your artwork "outside your sketchbook" if you prefer! ;o)


I have continued with my "cut and paste sketch book"...

This example looks like it was inspired by Lisa Congdon.

I had to try this Mooka shamrock idea with St. Patrick's Day cuz isn't it just soo cool?!
I found it really hard though, my Mookas were all over the place!
This was the only one I liked.
This heart was inspired by one of the flowers in the first photo.  I liked the technique of drawing a shape and then outlining it with straight lines.  I always like playing around with lettering and this fake calligraphy technique is really fun.

OK, there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly!
I'd love to see what you are doing in your sketch books now.
**edit:  I have added a Mr Linky box to share your drawings and will have a "Pinnable" logo soon.

~ joey ~
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  1. i like the way the linky thing works. i picked up my wall book last night and started working in it finally. i would probably use that for the weekly sketchbook ideas :)

  2. Sharing a weekly sketchbook sounds like fun. I like the kinky thing too.

  3. Like the images you shared. Mr. Linky.

  4. So this is not exactly a sketch book and might not be what you had in mind... But here goes anyways...
    I always use scrap paper for practicing, like backsides of paper that would be thrown out anyways and all those pieces of paper that the kids draws 5 lines on and then trow out, only they don't, they trow them in my pile...

    I love your cut-n-paste idea. So many times I see something that I really want to try but never get around to actually doing it.
    I need to buy a new book and get started on that!

  5. It's always inspiring to take a look in your sketchbook, thank you very much for sharing ♥


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~