weekly challenge #19

This must be a personal record for me, completing my challenge by noon on Monday!  

I decided to give the tangle Maryhill a try and wow what fun results it gives.  When I started drawing the lines I felt awkward and thought this doesn't flow at all!  But then as I relaxed into it, it started to come together.  It's also more forgiving that you would think.

I enjoyed shading it and could sit and play with it for hours.
So how do you know when to stop shading?
Do you think it's possible to over shade a piece?
Love to hear your thoughts,
~ joey ~


  1. A lovely use of maryhill with some very effective shading.

  2. isn't maryhill fun! i've been playing with it with various line lengths and widths apart, and with the arcs going in different directions. pretty crazy stuff, all illusiony and all :)


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~ joey ~