weekly challenge #18 - trace and tangle an object

Well you would never believe why I'm so late with my challenge this week!
I misplaced my daughter's little fairy sewing scissors that I wanted to trace!

Very frustrating to a person who likes to be organized, but thankfully I discovered them this morning buried in a basket full of supplies for a summer diy project which I hope to show here soon.

Because I traced sewing scissors I thought I would go with a "quilt-like" theme for my design.  I know that using a ruler when zentangling is a no-no but it's a must when quilting so I decided to use one.  The shading for some reason hasn't shown up very well on the squares with the dots, but they're shaded grey.

I copied the drawing before I filled in the black so that I can fill it in now with colour.  It's like 2 for 1 tangling!  You can tell me which one you like better when I'm done.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
~ joey ~

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