joey's weekly tangle challenge #14

 This tangle challenge is for anyone who enjoys using tangles in their art.

Whether you are an experienced artist or new to drawing, we're here to learn from each other and have fun with our art!
  I hope that you will find my challenges fresh, stimulating and rewarding!
Use the Link Up at the bottom of the post to share your work.  

note:  the link up never closes, so you can come back and link up

 to any challenge, at any time.

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This week's challenge involves something
that you likely have in your garden right now...


The guidelines:
~ use tangles that resemble flowers, stems, and/or leaves
~ tangle a flower shaped string

You may wish to add colour to your drawing with watercolour paints, ink pens or coloured pencils or
stay with a black and white theme, it's up to you.

In order to get the most out of this challenge, I give you permission to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers for "inspirational purposes"! ;o) 
Wishing you a lovely day,
~ joey ~
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    1. I really like how you have just touches of green to highlight your drawing. Very nice!

  2. I'm so sorry Carmela! I wondered why you hadn't used the Link Up and then realized that I forgot to install it! Oh boy, in such a hurry to get it posted I forgot the last step.
    We're good to go now everyone!

  3. I love the theme and color option. Thanks for helping us stretch and be creative.

    1. Your submission is wonderful! I love the colours that you have chosen and that your "flowers" are in squares. The "fringe" reminds me of a tapestry rug hanging in the garden airing in the warm weather.
      I hope you will join in next week!

  4. Colette,
    Your drawing is so simple yet so effective. I like that you have in a sense separated the flowers from the leaves and the stem! Cleverly interpreted!

  5. Alice, this is so beautiful. I love how you have used fine and weighted lines. I am trying to learn how to do that successfully....trying being the key word! I am most interested in seeing the piece coloured in, I think it will be spectacular!
    Thanks for sharing your art with us!

  6. Kristin,
    Thanks for link up your artwork, the tangles that you have chosen work really well with each other. The simplicity of the string allows each one to really stand out. Very nice!

  7. Kia,
    I too love to garden, however, I'm more successful with vegetables than flowers! Your tangled garden is lovely with the wall and flying insects. I usually am drawn to coloured pieces but I really like the black and white too.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. Sue, thanks for sharing two of your lovely tangles!
    The crocus is very effective, is that watercolour you started with?
    The zendala is fantastic and I love that you have stayed with only shades of yellow and orange.
    It's great to see your work each week!

  9. Sal,
    I find monotangles not easy but you have done a fabulous job of this one! The random overlapping circles are nice as well. I like it when artwork has something about it that makes the viewer go "oh look, I wasn't expecting that."
    Glad to have you participating each week!

  10. Jody, thanks for inspiring me with new tangles that make great flowers! You have shaded the piece so nicely as well. All of the black and white drawings in this challenge have been so superbly done I may have to change my ways about always adding colour!

  11. I don't know why it didn't link up. I put the right picture of what I did.


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~