challenge #14: flowers

My *flower* challenge for week #14.
This time I didn't focus on drawing any specific patterns
(although some of them are likely official tangles),
I just went with the flow.

I'm still enjoying my Prismacolor pencils and I have been experimenting with
layering shades of colours.
I also attempted some "shine" on the edge of the leaves using a white pencil.
Oh and I must add that I was finally successful at shading Barber Pole (see there is a tangle in there!) so it looks like it shines.  It's peaking out of the bottom right corner... I'm still working on centering my images though!
~ joey ~


  1. i just started using my prismacolor pencils, not much experience with them. i like the pretty colors you got here! very nice :)

  2. This is lovely. It kind of looks quilted. I really enjoy my prismacolors. I'm going to try the white on the edge idea - I really like the effect.


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