weekly zentangle challenge #4

Hello and welcome to the Zentangle® weekly challenge!
Here's how it works:
Every Monday I:
- choose a technique or style of drawing
- include some examples and guidelines for the challenge.
Throughout the week:
- when you have completed your artwork, return to this post to Link Up a photo of your artwork.
Note:  if you don't feel comfortable sharing your drawings then please let us know you are participating by leaving a comment.
Please only share photos, posts or Pins that you have done yourself AND match the week's challenge.  Every week I will have a new challenge so you will have plenty of opportunities to share your art!  Please remember this is a child friendly site.  Use the comment section to tell us about your drawing or to ask questions.  Offering support to your fellow artists is cool too!
Note:  I am not a 'strictly by the book Tangler', I find that drawing Zentangles awakens my creativity which often leads to other drawing techniques and styles.  For more info about the art of Zentangle® click here.  For my weekly challenges I will be combining several drawing techniques in these challenges so that each challenge will be fresh, stimulating and rewarding. 
* * *
With Easter coming up I have been inspired by how decorated Easter eggs and Zentangles go so well together.  So it seemed only natural that this week's challenge include an egg!

So, here are the guidelines:
- your artwork must include an egg shape
- you must use a minimum of 4 different zentangle patterns
(label them in the comments)
INCLUDING the pattern Warped Eggs.
Whether you draw an egg or draw on an egg, I'm really looking forward to seeing the patterns you choose and how they look together.

Here is some inspiration:

 photo source                      photo source

photo source                        photo source

 photo source                                     photo source

When you are done, photograph your work and come back to Link Up your
Z'egg'tangle to the Gallery below. (instructions at the bottom of this post if you need them or email me with any questions.)

Enjoy the week!
There will be a challenge on Easter Monday!
See you then,
~ joey ~
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  1. Look forward to this challenge every week. Thanks Joey. This week I've used bunzo, ah, jettes and the swirly one I can't remember the name of. Lol!

    1. Lovely Kylie! I do like that swirl that disappears into the centre of the egg...I'm still trying to learn the names of all these tangles. Great table cloth too! Love seeing your work each week.
      ~ joey ~

  2. Thank you for the challenge. I used Paradox, Fiore, Fandango, Warped Eggs, and Telis.

    1. This is beautiful!
      I agree that Fandango makes a perfect trim for the basket and Warped Eggs looks just like a basket weave. Very nice!

  3. Thanks for the challenge, I really enjoyed it :o) Looking forward to next weeks! :o)

    1. Katherine your piece proves that a variety of patterns can be used together without looking overly busy. This was what I was most interested in seeing with this challenge, how people use the patterns together and having them compliment one another. These are great, thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Happy Easter Joey!! Here's my best shot at drawing an Easter Egg. I've used "Warped Eggs" on the egg, "Cubine", "Chemystery", "Pokeroot" and "Crescent Moon".

    1. Chrissie this is beautiful! I love that you have included lettering in your work and how it looks like the banner is wrapped around the egg. Very nicely shaded too. I really like the Cubine pattern, thanks for introducing it too me. So glad to have you participate, look forward to seeing more of your challenges!

  5. This challenge turned out to be a bit of a last minute panic for me. I didn't figure it would look good if I didn't participate in my own challenge and with a busy weekend coming up I worried that I would have time to draw, but I managed to get this basket of eggs to come together quite quickly. Because I was on the couch and didn't have a computer handy to look up the tangles I'm going to need some help with names. I have used Shattack, Knight's Bridge, Tipple.....and if anyone recognizes any others please leave a comment! I actually forgot to include Warped Eggs (I'm going to blame it on the cold OK?) but I was able to add one more egg without it looking too off balance.
    Phew! I promise to be more organized next week!

  6. Joey, I do not think anyone would think any less of you if you do not manage to participate. I am grateful for anyone organizing a regular challenge. And all of us have the luxury of taking a time-out when we are stressed of just don't find the time, so why shouldnt you have the right to decide to skip a challenge?

    One of your patterns is called Cayke: http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/10/how-to-draw-cayke.html

  7. Oh my, I didn't fulfill the brief, just realized I didn't use warped eggs... Oooops, sorry Joey.

  8. Susan,
    I love the background pattern that you used, what is it called?
    The pink, purple and green striped egg works really well for an Easter egg too.
    Happy Easter weekend and thanks for participating!


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~