Easter nature table

I don't know about you, but I am ready for Spring!
I'm not much of a pastel colours person, but there is something about Easter that makes me want to put out all the soft Spring colours, and a nature table is the perfect place to display them.  I also love that many of the items are handmade by us or by people we know!

Here's what I have included this year...

 My needle felted pussy willows are holding some of the most precious handmade eggs that we have made, including two Ukrainian Pysanky eggs that my daughter made at school.  Also included are some painted wood eggs, dyed eggs and watercolour painted eggs.  It's just not Spring without a flock of sheep and these little woolen gals were so easy to make.

The tissue covered mini lanterns were made by my kids when they were younger and I love how colourful they are when the light shines through them.  The bunny is made of concrete and I picked it up unfinished at the Thrift Store.  A coat of paint and he's more than welcome on our table.

I absolutely adore this bowl filled with our watercolour painted eggs.  The Portuguese bowl was a gift from my mother in law.

This rooster egg cup has been in my family since the 1970's.  I'm not sure which family member painted it as they forgot to carve their initials on the bottom, but it totally takes me back to my childhood.  The egg inside is a candle.  The sleeping bunny  (shown on the end of the table in the first photo) was painted by my Great Aunt when I was young and is very treasured.  I have always loved the colours that she chose for the bunny's quilt!

I'll be back tomorrow with some of the decorating that I have done around our home,
I hope you will stop by.

Do you decorate a special place in your home for the holidays?
I'd love to see your photos!
~ joey ~


  1. LOVE the roving sheep! Is there a book or tutorail around for those? My girl has been loving making little cherry blossom fairies out of pink roving. Sheep would be a lovely addition to our table!

    1. Hi Heather,
      Click on the words "flock of sheep" and it will take you my tutorial.
      I hope your daughter enjoys making them as much as my kids did!
      ~ joey ~


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~ joey ~