Zentangle Weekly Challenge #1

Hello and welcome to the Zentangle weekly challenge!
Here's how it works:
Every Monday I:
- choose a technique or style of drawing
- include some examples and guidelines for the challenge.
Throughout the week:
- when you have completed your artwork, return to this post to Link Up a photo of your artwork.
Note:  if you don't feel comfortable sharing your drawings then please let us know you are participating by leaving a comment.
Please only share photos, posts or Pins that you have done yourself AND match the week's challenge.  Every week I will have a new challenge so you will have plenty of opportunities to share your art!  Please remember this is a child friendly site.  Use the comment section to tell us about your drawing or to ask questions.  Offering support to your fellow artists is cool too!

Note:  I am not a 'strictly by the book Tangler', I find that drawing Zentangles awakens my creativity which often leads to other drawing techniques and styles.  I will be combining several drawing techniques in these challenges so that each challenge will be fresh, stimulating and rewarding.
 * * *
OK, this will be the most 'wordy' post that I'll write but I want to start out with a few basics, including materials needed for those of you starting out.  Like most hobbies, you will find that there is an overwhelming choice of brands available that include fancy tools and accessories of varying costs.
I always say "choose the products that you feel most comfortable with and that you think you will use."

I also have a few book suggestions and a website that offers a wealth of inspiration and techniques.

Materials and supplies:
To start with, I recommend a heavy weight paper (drawing or smooth watercolour) or a visual journal and a few black waterproof Micron, Faber-Castell or Staedtler pens in the following sizes:  005, 01, 03, 05.  I also keep a waterproof Fine or Super Fine tipped Staedtler Lumocolor pen on hand for wider lines and filling in large black spaces.  A pencil is also needed, my fave is the basic Staedtler HB#2 as it shades well.

If you choose to colour your drawings, basic coloured pencils (like your kid's Crayolas) will be fine to start with.  A set of watercolour pencils is a fun next step to experiment with, and gives really nice results when blending colours.

FYI:  I have included links to several amazon.com products in this post, this is just for reference, I am not an affiliate, so I will not benefit in any way if you decide to make a purchase.

The website that I frequently refer to for zentangle instruction is Tanglepatterns.com  The site is well organized, user friendly and includes more zentangle patterns than you may ever need!

Many of you have Pinterest Zentangle/Drawing boards, visit or follow each other for inspiration.  Here are my Zentangle and Drawing boards.

  I also have a few favourite books including the one that started my Zentangle journey One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula.

I am also fond of Joanne Fink's books:
Zenspirations - Letters & Patterning 
Zenspirations - Dangle Designs 
Zenspirations Coloring Book Flowers: Create, Color, Pattern, Play
 (all of these books are available in both paperback and Kindle)

There are many more good Zentangle/drawing books and websites, if you have a favourite please list it in the comments.

OK, now we're ready to start drawing!
I'm going to start the challenge with a simple 'warm up' exercise with just one guideline.
Any pattern within a 9 square "Tic Tac Toe" box.
Use the above sources for design ideas if you draw a blank...tee hee!

Here is some inspiration to get you started...


 photo source                                     photo source

photo source

When you have completed your piece(s), come back to this post and link up your
Tic tac toe 9 square artwork to the Gallery below. 
*In the "your name" box:  include the name that shows up when you leave comments (so we can find you in the comments), and your artwork's 'title' if you choose to give it one.
*In the "your URL" box:  include the blogpost, pinterest or photo account address.
*On the next screen:  you will be able to choose your thumbnail photo.

Once you have posted your photo(s) please consider writing a comment about how you decided on what to draw, something that you learned when drawing, questions, comments about other people's drawings, etc.

 *Please take a minute now to introduce yourself in the comments.

Remember that every artist is in a constant state of learning so don't feel intimidated if this is new to you.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to art.  We're here just to have fun and encourage one another.  Bring a friend if it makes you feel better!

I'm looking forward to meeting you all
and see how each of you has interpreted this week's challenge!
Have fun!
~ joey ~
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  1. Good morning!
    I have had an inquiry about how to link photos when you do not have a blog. I have just linked a photo that I uploaded to a photobucket.com account. Accounts are free and easy to set up.
    When you have uploaded the photo of your zentangle to photobucket, view your photo and look for the box that contains several addresses for the photo. Copy the "Direct" address and paste it into my Link Up's URL box above. Follow the instructions if you do not immediately see your photo and make a selection from the options until your photo is displayed. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any troubles. ~ joey ~

  2. I'm thrilled to be involved in your challenge Joey! Congratulations on your maiden challenge, I look forward to participating in many more :)

    1. Welcome Chrissie!
      Thank you for linking up your beautiful Zentangle and for your kind words on your blog. It is obvious that you are an experienced Tangler and I hope you will share your experience with our other participants!
      I love the spiral design up the tic tac toe lines and the design that looks like little oyster mushrooms, must try those!
      Lovely work!
      ~ joey ~

  3. Hi Joey. I just came upon your blog and I see that you are starting a new challenge. I am going to try to participate. I love the idea of working with something that is just starting. I like to be a part of it and help it get off the ground! Lots of luck with your challenges. I hope to be a steady challenger in the future.

    1. It's so nice that you found us Barb, I hope you are able to stop in often! I look forward to seeing your designs and reading your input being a CZT(Certified Zentangle Teacher)!
      All the best,
      ~ joey ~

    2. Hi again. I just posted my first challenge to your blog.

    3. Thanks for linking your Zentangle and for your support! I look forward to learning more about shading from your future drawings!
      ~ joey ~

  4. I'm in hopefully each and every week for this challenge. Had great fun creating this tile. Thanks Joey. Couldn't upload a thumbnail though.

    1. So glad to have you participate Kylie! I love your Zentangle and I want to try some of the patterns that you used. I really like that the balls give it a 3D look. Hope to see you every week.

  5. Thanks Joey, the ball tangle is called 'Chemystry'. I just finished another tic tac toe, it's on my blog in the same post as the first one. ��

  6. Thanks for this fun challenge and I wish you much success for future challenges :)

  7. Yah Susan, your zentangle looks fantastic! Susan has been helping me work out some issues we were having with the link up working on mobile devices. Not having one myself I had no idea what my mobile readers were seeing, or not seeing in this case! Thanks to Susan we have it all working now!
    I love seeing the different patterns you all use with this challenge, ideas that I never would have thought of. I believe this expands all of our creative minds . I also love your signature Susan. The shadow effect is super effective too!
    Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you Lila for linking up your Zentangle! I love the window idea and how you have shaded the boxes. I also like how you have added thickness to the string, the white space really defines the patterns. The fact that the string is not what determined the pattern's boarders adds a touch of surprise as well. I am also hopeful that you will help educate us with your knowledge of the Zentangle pattern names?! Remembering the names is something that I am constantly working on.

  9. This was fun. My fist challenge. Toni

    1. Another great effect, I love how everyone interprets the guidelines in their own way. This is the fun that getting together with creative people that I love! Your zentangle proves that you don't always have to fill the space with design. Thanks so much for linking up!

  10. Look forward to trying this out for the first time. I'll try to link tomorrow. Thank you!!


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~