Let's make an owl quilt Birthday party!

My daughter celebrated her 11th Birthday on the weekend with 8 of her closest friends.  We wanted to do something different that had special meaning so we decided to sew a memory quilt in the theme of owls.

First, we cut out 21 white squares for the girls to decorate.  My daughter picked out the fabrics for the owls and we ironed an adhesive paper on to the back.
 We made a cardboard owl pattern for each girl to trace around and cut out in the fabric of their choice.

Then we ironed it on to the square, and my Mom (the brilliant sewer that she is!) zig zag stitched around the edge of the owl so that the quilt will be washable.

The girls then embellished their squares with buttons and fabric pens.  Some decided to draw an owl freehand on a square as well.  We had everyone sign their squares (which I have purposely blurred in the photo) so that 'A' can remember all of her friends.  We pinned them to the curtain during the party for everyone to admire and to get an idea what the quilt will look like when Gramma sews it all together. (did I mention that she's a fantastic sewer?!)

The room that we used is right on the dock of the marina below us.  It was just a bare room when we started but it transformed into quite a lovely space for the party.  Gramma made a bunting out of the same fabric to decorate the party and it's now in 'A's room waiting for the matching quilt!

 The food had a sewing theme as well.
 'A' decorated these button cookies...

...and she wanted a "quilt cake" so we cut the cake into squares and she decorated each square with a different sprinkle.

And finally the goody bags!  We printed out the message "thank you SEW much for coming" and glued them onto each bag.  'A' then cut a scrap of fabric and tied it onto the handle and glued a button in the centre.  She was so happy with how they turned out.

Yes, I think you could say that the party was a real 'hoot'!
~ joey ~
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