summer days - snapshots

Staying close to home to:
 enjoy the warm weather...

...explore the coast...

...have "noodle" battles...
...and take evening dips.
Spending every day schedule-free to...

...relax and fully unwind from our normal routine...

...catch (and release) tiny fish...

...and explore all that the ocean has to offer.

This summer I deliberately did not schedule any camps, classes or commitments for the first 2 weeks of summer holidays and I am so happy with the results!  I feel that we have had time to completely unwind from our busy school schedule and are now free to have a truly relaxed holiday.  Much like how I spent my summers when I was a kid.

Next week the kids start a morning Art Camp and I believe that they will feel so much more refreshed and get more from the camp than if I had planned a full schedule from the start.

Months ago I decided that this summer was going to be about:
Simplicity, Activity and Creativity
and so far it's been lots of all of the above!  

Happy summer days to you!

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