DIY juggling balls

I saw this fun idea over at Art Projects for Kids, Kathy has lots of  really great ideas that we'll be trying throughout the summer.  We had all of the supplies for this project on hand and we are planning to get rid of our sandbox so we have lots of sand to use up!
(does anyone have any more fun sand crafts?!)

 Here's what we did:
Attach a balloon to a funnel and fill with clean sand.
Shape into a hard packed ball/egg shape, tie the balloon closed and snip off the end of the tie.

Take a different coloured balloon and snip off the end that you blow into.  Pull it over-top of the first balloon hiding the tied off end, but leaving some of the first colour visable.  Do the same with a third colour balloon and you are ready to juggle!

How are you keeping the kids amused this summer?
~ joey ~


  1. Fun project! I am following you on Bloglovin' via the Blog Hop Social :)

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