garden update - July 17th

 Welcome to another garden update!  Things are starting to get rolling out in our (mostly) container garden, here's what I found this week.

The front porch is always lined with pots in the summer.

The wall of beans is currently half way up the front of the house.  The tomatoes at the end of the row are doing well in this new spot.  We planted a row of kale in front of the beans.  The zucchini is at the beginning of the walk in the bottom right corner of the photo.  I'm going to try and cage it in a tomato cage to keep it from spreading out over the walkway.
green pole beans and zucchini (still a bit behind)
oregano and cilantro
sage and thyme
triple crown blackberry blossoms and fruit!
basil and stevia
  chocolate mint and spearmint
sweet bell peppers
slicing and cherry tomatoes
cucumber and swiss chard seedlings
and finally the hydrangea and buddleia are still giving a nice show.

Come back tomorrow to see the other "surprise" I found in our garden!
Leave your garden links in the comments, I'd love to see your garden!

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