signs that summer is not far off


This past weekend may have brought us clouds and rain and pulled us in from our outdoor work in the garden, but we're starting to notice signs that summer is not all that far off...

cherry and slicing tomatoes
bell peppers

Indoors, our seedlings are coming along nicely.  Still to fragile to be transplanted outdoors, we keep them happy in our large bright living room window until the evening temperatures are warm enough to transplant them into their big pots and cages.
sweet basil

 More tiny sprouts poke through the soil each day to remind us that before we know it, the days will be filled with picking fresh produce from the garden.  Yum!
"Cream" (white) and "Snout"(orange)

Another sign that summer is nearing is that our two surviving outdoor goldfish are coming out of hibernation.  They greet us with much enthusiasm when we call them, so it won't be long before it's time to clean out their pond and add another friend!

What signs are you finding that summer is approaching?
~  joey ~  


  1. Such a lovely post!

    In our garden I see old friends sticking their heads above the soil again and since the woodpecker has returned I know summer is coming!

    Enjoy your lovely garden Joey,
    xx sas

    1. Good morning Sas!
      Tell me what kinds of old friends have been living underground through the winter and where does the woodpecker travel to?
      ~ joey ~


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~ joey ~