Natural Living Blog Carnival: Natural Kids

Welcome to the April 2013 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Natural Kids. 
This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project through the Green Moms Network. This month our carnival participants have written posts about how they communicate with their children about natural living & how they implement those changes with their kids.
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2005 - our baby boy - 7 months old

Raising our two children in a natural environment has been our main goal from the time of their conception.  I chose a pharmaceutical-free pregnancy and birth, and continued to be 'drug free' until the children were completely weaned.  When it came time to introduce solid foods, their diet consisted of 100% organic food until the age of two, when their nervous systems were fully developed.  We examined what was in the products that we were using in our home and switched to natural detergents, cleaners and products as they became available and affordable.

It has been a fairly easy task overall When the children were little they ate whatever we put in front of them, used the products that I purchased, and many of our friends led similar lifestyles so they were not aware that they lived any different than anyone else.
The children are now older, they attend Elementary School and have learned that some families make different choices than ours.  

We are beginning to encourage them to start making their own decisions about what they eat and items they chose to buy.   At first I didn't know what to expect...

Would they load up on junk food
because they had never eaten it before?!

Would they try to fill our home with plastic toys
and petroleum based products
just to be like their friends?

For all of the Mum's with the same fear . . . I am happy to report that I have been pleasantly surprised Of course they want to feel like they fit in with their peers, but I feel that my children make good choices about the foods and toys that they choose.

~ Perhaps because they have been listening to our discussions about the effects of these harmful products?

~ Perhaps because they have learned through our example? 

 ~ Perhaps because we try to make fruits and vegetables convenient?

Whatever the reason, as a parent I only hope that they will continue to think about the food that they put in their bodies and ensure that the environment they are living in, is a healthy one!   

 Like the Chinese proverb says:
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Teaching your children how to live a healthy lifestyle is no harder
than teaching them how to live an unhealthy lifestyle...
we as parents, are their teachers
~ joey ~

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  1. your doing a good job with those kiddos!

  2. What a great reinforcement of your teachings! We are the odd ones in our family, so our kids know other families make different choices from us. Even at only 4-years old, I find my daughter making good choices most of the time. Keep up the good work Joey!

  3. What a great post and so encouraging to hear how things are going for you! I hope my children will be like this and make health choices.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, encouraging post! Your raw veggie plate looks yummy :)

  5. My kids are 1 and almost 4 and I often wonder how it will be for them when they are in school (not daycare) and what they might want to eat and do that conflict with what I have taught them. I have seen already with my 3 year old that she has understood our lessons. I hope it continues!

  6. What an affirming post! It's great to hear the experience other mamas.

    Thank you for visiting Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!

  7. So cool! I find it really helps to reinforce children's innate good taste about food, by sending out a consistent message. And keeping the TV turned off: that's where a lot of the junk foods are pushed on them.

  8. Your post is so encouraging! My hope is that my little ones will stick fairly close to our whole foods eating when they move beyond mama's constant guidance! Thanks for sharing your post with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Your post is featured today! Hope to see you there!


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