DIY mini toadstool salt & pepper shakers

These sweet little salt and pepper shakers (or candle holders) are perfect for your Easter table!
I adore toadstools but you could paint any image on the glass - bunnies, eggs, chicks, sheep...anything that makes you think of Easter.

 1 pair glass salt and pepper shakers
Americana Gloss Enamel paint - opaque gloss acrylic
fine paint brush

Step 1:  wipe the glass with alcohol to clean.

 Step 2:  paint toadstool stems in white and let dry.

Step 3:   paint toadstool tops in red and let dry.

  Step 4:  paint blades of grass with green and let dry.

 Step 5dip paint brush handle in white paint and dab different sized dots into toadstools (you may want to practice this on a scrap of paper - the first dot will be the largest, the next dot slightly smaller, etc) and let dry for several hours.

 Step 6:  Once completely dry gently wipe glass with a tissue to remove any streaks left from the alcohol wipe.

The paint will air cure in 21 days or you can follow the directions on the package for oven curing.
Note:  this paint is not food safe so should only be used on glassware that does not come in direct contact with food.

     Mini Salt & Pepper Shakers Set/12  GLIMMA Candle holder IKEA   
The possibilities are endless!
~ joey ~


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  2. Wow! They're just beautiful. A very inviting post. I'm looking forward to buying some glass paint and doing something like that. Thanks

  3. Adorable! You are very skilled!

  4. I love these. Your directions are great! Thanks for sharing this with us last week! Hope you join us again at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!


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