wearing a cowl

Oh my have you caught cowl fever yet?!?
I see cowls everywhere right now.  People wearing them, Pinning them, knitting them and offering enticing patterns!
I consider myself a beginner knitter and yet I have had two fly off my needles in the past few weeks.  I think I'm going to start making some for gifts as they are becoming a slight addiction!

What I love most about them is how many different ways you can wear them.  Here are just a few of the ways I have been wearing mine.
(be warned:  I'm not a follower of fashion trends!)

This my favourite way, it's like a shoulder warmer!

 This way is nice when you have a scoop neck shirt on.  Also works well with a jacket.

 Just let it hang like a scarf.

 Loop it twice but leave a bit of space to show off your favourite necklace.

 And this way makes me laugh but I'm sure I'll do this on really cold days.  Wrap it twice and then pull one piece up over your ears.  It looks like two pieces and keeps your ears SO toasty warm!

So all of you fashion divas, how am I supposed to really be wearing my new knitted obsession?!  More ideas please! :o)
~ joey ~

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