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Today I wish to thank Kimara at Wee Folk Art 
for inspiring me with two very fun projects!

The first was folding German stars.  Last year I bought a kit but never mustered up the courage to give it a try.  I thought it looked too complicated but her post instantly changed my mindNow I'm folding stars from memory and my children have joined in and made some too!

Then I had a thought ... what other kinds of paper can I transform into these gorgeous stars?  I pulled out some brown packing paper that I had been saving, cut it into strips and made a repurposed beaded ornament.  So fun!   

Then the following week Kimara posted her tissue paper treesOoh we had to try this!  The kids used an 8.5"x11" sheet of water colour paper and I used a small scrap and made a Christmas card.

What I liked most about these crafts is that they are perfect ways of repurposing scrap papers into gorgeous ornaments, cards and artwork!

 There is just something about turning "waste" into something beautiful again that is so inspiring to me.

 Please share your thoughts and comments!
~ joey ~


  1. I love both of these projects...the card you made is especially adorable. What a wonderful thing to have show up at the mailbox!

  2. They all turned out so beautiful. My daughter swears we made a ton of the stars out of brown paper when she was young. Truly, I can't remember, but when you'be been crafting for as many years as I have, who knows :) Love everything you guys have done. Told ya those stars were addicting. We have piles of them all around the house! Wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed holiday.

  3. What lovely projects, they are beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing on Eco Kids! I love all of the geometric shapes!

  5. I know it's been 4 years since you posted this, but I just found your blog! The German Stars made me smile SO big!!! Because ... I learned to make these as a kid and had forgotten all about them (I'm 63 now!) :) I'd LOVE to teach this craft to my grandchildren. Do you have instructions you could share? If so, please email to me at Thank you in advance!!

    I'm enjoying looking through your blog. What wonderful things you share!


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