Christmas card gift box tutorial

My daughter made these fun recycled Christmas card gift boxes at school so I thought I would share how they did it.

Cut a Christmas card in half along the fold.

  On the back of the front of the card find the centre and make a mark.

Fold the ends to the centre mark.

 Open the card and fold the opposite ends to the centre.

 Cut on the lines as shown in the photo.

 Fold the sides in and fold the end over to secure.

 Do this on both ends and you have the box lid!

 On the other piece of card measure and mark a 2mm (1/8") border all around the perimeter.  Cut off the border.

Mark the centre again and fold as you did for the top of the box.

 You can tape or staple the end flap to hold it more securely if you choose.

 To add a ribbon so that you can hang the box on the tree, mark the centre on the top of both boxes and punch a hole on each using a hole punch.

 Thread the ribbon through the bottom of the gift box and tie a knot as shown.

 Thread it through the hole in the top of the box and you are done!

I will certainly be saving our cards to reuse next year as boxes.  They are a great size for wrapping small treats or a gift card!
Have you been recycling "trash" into treasures too?
~ joey ~ 

*after thought - using a water colour painting would make a beautiful box too (if you can manage to part with one!) 

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