Starting the Hallowe'en decorating . . .

Step 1:  empty entire contents of Hallowe'en tote on your couch!

Am I the only one that feels like I've been changing my holiday decorating more than I've been changing my um... underwear?!
I think this is because of two reasons:

1)  Autumn came late this year so it's been difficult to think Autumn when it's still sunny and warm.

2)  Canada has a bunch of holidays/seasons close in a row.  Autumn - Thanksgiving - Hallowe'en.  Throw in two Birthdays in that time frame and I'm literally putting up and taking down decorations on a daily basis!

So today with Hallowe'en only 16 days away (and my son asking when I am going to get started?!) I decided to begin the Hallowe'en decorating. 

I'm totally into "happy" vintage decorations this year (I don't like blood and guts!) and am also attempting to bring out only minimal decorations.

I'd love to see some of your decorating,
how are you decorating this year?

~ joey ~

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