a quick peak in the garden

Thanks for stopping by for a quick peak in our garden!

The hydrangea is once again putting on a nice show this year!

The climbing beans have reached the roof and bush beans are spilling out onto the pathway.
 We were given some lettuce from a generous neighbours' patch and a few tiny seedlings were accidentally pulled with the clump.  My daughter's green thumb has grown them into lovely heads of tender lettuce.

Our cucumbers and tomatoes growing in pots just outside the front steps.

The above photo is taken from the driveway side looking towards the house.  Due to having very little actual garden, all of the vegetables except the beans and lettuce have been grown in pots again this year.  This photo shows tomatoes, cucumbers, a volunteer mystery squash(!), sage, swiss chard and oregano. (and a Michaelmas daisy is mixed in there too!)

I took pity on these two Tumbler runts that we grew from seed.  They were tiny and a bit deformed.  To my husband's amazement they grew to be the highest yielding tomatoes that we've ever grown!  They are both covered in grapelike clumps of cherry tomatoes.

 This is what they others look like! ;o)

Lots of slicing tomatoes to come!

It looks like the rhubarb is trying to produce a second crop?!
Isn't there a time when you should stop picking it?

 The triple crown blackberries are small this year but we're looking forward to picking them!

 Two of the protected sunflowers!

And the biggest surprise in the garden by far was the cabbage butterfly (that we thought was supposed to overwinter) emerged on our windowsill?!

Is anyone else feeling cooler mornings and the beginning of Autumn?

~ joey ~

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  1. Looks so lovely! You have been quite an inspiration to me with your planting in all the little spots that many wouldn't think of. You have used your space so wisely. Well, if yours is bolting, I should really plant under shade cloth I think. The red sail says it's heat resistant. The other variety is salad bowl blend. Also planted Tyee F1 Spinach which says it's bolt resistant but it isn't coming up. I may try it again in the square foot garden if I decide to pull the peppers. The tomatoes would shade them. Decisions, decisions.

  2. Such a beautiful garden! I am always amazed at what you are able to get out of your little piece of earth!


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