the weekend

Summer weather has finally arrived so I thought I would share a few photos of our weekend.

Although I was a bit nervous, the kids tried ocean kayaking.

Here's my daughter, Miss Cautious...

I took this photo literally seconds after she got into the kayak as I never know how long she'll try something new (and scary)!

That's my girl, staying close to shore where Mama could literally wade out to save her if something went wrong!

Here's my son, Mr. Fearless..

He couldn't get out of the bay fast enough!

Thank goodness for my zoom lens!

In the end they both did great and can't wait to do it again!

Then hubby and I went for a quick spin around the bay.
Not bad for my first time! ;o)

Here's to more summer weather and trying new things!
Did you leave your comfort zone this weekend?
~ joey ~

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