"Making 10" card game

So how many of you remember playing this game?!

Well, I've been on a creating games kick lately. (see "Trading for a Toonie" here)  My son loves playing games so he's very pleased.  And Mama is pleased that they are also reviewing math at the same time! ;o)

My latest game uses my old vintage deck of Uno cards.
I call it "Making 10"
(cuz I'm so original at coming up with game names!)

Here's how to play...

"Making 10" game

One pack of Uno cards

To Play:
Separate the wild cards, +2 cards, switch direction cards, miss a turn, and the “0” cards from the pack so that you are left with just the number cards from 1-9.

Deal each player 10 cards and put the remaining pile turned upside down between the players.

The players then put down all of the pairs of cards that add up to 10 (eg: 1+9, 2+8, etc.) in front of them.

Player 1 starts by asking another player for a card that Player 1 needs to make up another pair of cards that add up to 10.

If the player asked does not have the card then Player 1 must pick up one card from the pile.

If the player asked does have the card then the player gives the card to Player 1 and Player 1 puts down the pair.

Then it’s Player 2’s turn.

The first player to put down all of their cards wins the game!

If you know of any fun games please let me know, I still have 2 months of game playing to go! ;o)
~ joey ~

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